Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Elephants, Gators and Gorilla's Oh My!

Honey and G.P. (my parents) were in town for a weekend getaway at the Gaylord so we met up with them after church on Sunday for lunch at the Rainforest Cafe and swimming at the hotel. We had never been to the Rainforest, but thought the boys would love it and they did. We got there a little early, but there was plenty to entertain our guys even before the doors opened.
Once inside, Wyatt fell out of his chair and got a little bloody nose, ouch! And Stacey wasn't too sure about the Gorilla's. They come on about every 15 minutes and move around and make, um well, gorilla noises, but after a small icy and a few more cycles all of which ended without any gorilla attacks, he warmed right up.

Wyatt also seemed to come around when his food arrived...although he looks like he may have a little case of jungle fever with this crazy face.
The boys LOVED the fish, fountains, giant butterfly, elephants and dinosaur chicken nuggets, but my favorite part was the volcano dessert. Don't you just love it when the grandparents pull out all the stops!

What a fun lunch! Thanks Honey and GP!!

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angie said...

What fun, I'm glad you guys had a good visit:)