Monday, August 4, 2008

Beating the Heat

It is so stinking hot outside!!! And we have a pretty uneventful week so we're making the rounds of all the best free indoor activities or hitting up the pool whenever we can. This morning we went to Collin Creek for some indoor energy burning. I'd say mission accomplished. We started at the play area.The boys are wearing their Amazon souvenirs, Ronaldinho Jerseys. For those of you not as in tune with international sports as I obviously am he is the Tiger Woods of "futball" in Brazil. There was actually a Brazilian lady in the play area that inquired about them.
Then we road the train, which at $2 a pop is a pretty quick ride, but the boys LOVED it!Then a little fun on the Reatrix. Stacey LOVED this, especially chasing the butterflies and kicking the soccer ball.
Wyatt was equally impressed with the shinny new floor. As was I, this mall was way overdue for a face lift.
We just started attempting to skip Wyatt's morning nap, so he was peaced out before we left the parking lot.
But Stacey and I were jamming out to his praise CD's and he was ready to party. Every time we get in the car he says, "I need my music." Now for what to do after naps...

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