Friday, August 29, 2008

Mall Hopping

We have made the mall rounds this week. We met up with Karla and Noah and Haley on Tuesday at Collin Creek for some indoor energy burning (sadly no pictures), then Nannie treated us to lunch and a ride on the carousel at Stonebriar yesterday. Stacey LOVED it. In his normal brave fashion he said, "Mom, you can go now." Love you too!! But, we were already moving so I stayed put.
He was waving at anyone who would watch and kept saying nay nay.
Then today we went to Northpark. I love this mall and while they have no play area, the turtles and ducks are a classic draw.
As are the planters/slides. Stacey (husband) says he remembers sliding on them when he was little so apparently they have been calling kids names for many many years. Just look at the determination!!Wheeeeee!!
It didn't take Wyatt long to figure out he needed in on this too!
On a separate note, I've got a GREAT use for those baby rings that you have floating around!! Bag hangers. While it isn't exactly everyday that I get to buy something while at the mall, the storage on my double stroller is pretty limited so, ta-da ring hook!
The same small voice that makes me respond to a compliment with "Oh my gosh thank you I got it at Wal-Mart for $6!" instead of just "Thank you." compels me to clarify that the Neiman's and Anthropologie bags are in no way a reflection of my normal mall visits, but I was buying some b-day gifts and the only thing I get to do more than drool over at Neiman's, my face wash. So more info than you ever needed on that one but I'll be able to sleep tonight!!

Happy mall hopping.


Stacey said...

You crack me up! I'm the exact same way...I love to crow over a bargain but can feel guilty about even perceived splurges. Anthropologie really has some super-cute gift items that are not nearly as overpriced as their clothes though. I love shopping "around the edges" in there.

And I LOVE your toy ring/bag holder idea! I'm so filing that away for future use.

Chrys and Mike said...

the last paragraph made me laugh aloud. you're so cute.


angie said...

You are your mother's daughter...I am laughing so hard right now!!! You should market that ring, what a great idea!!! Love you