Saturday, August 23, 2008

Watch Out Michael Phelps

Stacey just completed swim lessons. We started three weeks ago, but with all the rain last week the eight lessons stretched a little longer. He is such a fish and loves the water so even though it is a little late in the "swimming" season I hope all his new skills will help him enjoy the rest of this year and jump start his swimming next summer. He caught on really quickly, and I know I'm his Mother and very biased, but his teacher agreed, that for a three year old he is a great little swimmer. Way to go Stacey we're proud of you!!

I love the absolute joy and total abandon on his face in this picture. Clearly this child enjoys the water.
His favorite part of each lesson is the lolly pop he gets at the end.
Just in case you want to see his skills in action here's a little video. Rosey (the instructor) is showing him where to jump since she isn't going to be there to catch him. Notice his total confusion when she asks him where he is going to jump...good thing he's good at swimming :)


angie said...

That is soooo impressive...eay to go Stacey!!!

angie said...

I mean way to go Stacey!!!!

Woodbury Family said...

He is such a great swimmer - yea Stacey - awesome job!! :)

Kacey and Josh said...

I can't believe he has gotten so brave! Next summer, watch out!!

sheltonfamily said...

Amazing... we are starting with Rosey next summer. Let's just say the COR swimming lessons were a dud. Ellie hated it and I know she will do so much better w/o me there! It is so great that you have this on video! I just realized that Ellie and Stacey will be together on T,W, Th, and Sunday mornings. I think they will become buddies!