Monday, August 25, 2008


My boys are different in countless ways and their attention span is no exception. From as early as I can remember Stacey loved to sit and be read to. He would read as many books as you let him in one setting. At just a few months old he was enthralled with Baby Einstein videos and today he would watch "shows" all day if I didn't limit him.

Wyatt on the other hand has never been still long enough to read even a few pages of a book much less watch a video. Now I know he is the second child and therefore perhaps not quite as much time is invested in these activities, but believe me we have sat down to read countless books only to have him crawl out of my lap before page two. So I usually read while he does his Tasmanian devil impression stopping the whirlwind occasionally to crawl in my lap catch a few words and the immediately return to his previous tour o destruction.

BUT - we have had some major groundbreaking activity in recent days and just this morning he has sat through three that's right THREE entire books!! His favorite is the touch and feel puppy book of course.

Stacey joined us after his morning show was over and took over the "reading".
He also loves the Happy Baby books which have a lot of baby images he recognizes and even tries to say! I remember reading these books to III over and over and over again at the office and it takes me back to see Wyatt enjoying them (better late than never right!?!).
So, to celebrate this monumental event we took our first trip to the Richardson Public Library!!!

I vividly remember sitting on a carpet square (which for some reason I thought was awesome...?) for story hour at the public library growing up, but that delightful memory is tainted by visions of Mrs. Battle, my elementary school librarian, who was extreamly...stern...for lack of a more descriptive term (panthers you know what I'm talking about). So I've kept my two potential book destroyers away until now. But thankfully Curios George, Clifford, The Cat and the Hat, Arthur and a few other famous characters welcomed us with open arms putting Mrs. Battle in her proper place. This scene didn't last for long but it sure was sweet for a minute. All in all I'd call the trip a success.We took home quite a haul and we (Stacey and I with Wyatt...well at least in the same room) have already read the whole stack. We'll let you know if we're able to make Mrs. Battle proud and return them all in one piece.


Kacey and Josh said...

The teacher in me is so proud of you for taking the book interest and running with it. They sure look happy!

Chrys and Mike said...

i can totally relate b/c my boys are exactly the same way! just last week t's pediatrician told me to keep reading around him, even if he won't sit still for me to read TO him. :) totally different story than oliver.

good for you and all your books! you'll have another little bibliophile before you know it.


shannonmichaelis said...

Mrs. Battle would feel honored to have a Midway alum write a blog about her. Thankfully she didn;t scare me off of reading...

angie said...

Look at those 2 readers...I am so proud of you, the public libraries can be a little overwhelming:) Way to go Wy-dit, reading is Cool, don't let anybody tell you differently!

Kylie said...

The Mrs. Battle reference made me laugh out loud... and shudder a little :)