Thursday, June 18, 2009


As you might have gathered from the title, last week did not turn out exactly how I pictured it, but let me back up a little.

It was VBS week at FBC Woodway and last summer we came down for the week to hang with my family, visit with friends enjoy lunch and play dates, trips to the pool etc. and of course help/attend VBS - which my boys LOVED. So Sunday we loaded up and headed to Waco for what I hoped would be a repeat of last year, but a repeat wasn't exactly on the horizon.

Wyatt started running fever just before we left, but I chalked it up to exhaustion. He had been waking up in the middle of the night ALL week SCREAMING for hours - good times for all involved - but he had no symptoms of anything so we were clueless. He had his new front tooth put in last week (after three trips to the dentist, such a trooper! but that is for another post), so I also thought he might just be irritated from the new hardware...? Long story longer on Monday he had fever blisters on his bottom lip and sores on the roof of his mouth so we decided we'd better visit the doctor. Thankfully, my sister Angie is good friends with her wonderful pediatrician and he agreed to see Wyatt last minute -THANK YOU!!!! With one look in Wyatt's mouth he said, "Well, this is going to sound bad, but it really isn't......he has.......(dramatic pause added by me).......HERPES!!!!!."

Excuse me?? Yep, herpes, I guess I can add that to my list of things I never thought I'd hear about my TWO-YEAR-OLD!! I assured him that Wyatt was not at all promiscuous, but it was herpes non the less. After calling all his partners, OK just kidding, but seriously you have to laugh a little that my toddler has HERPES!!! Obviously the kind in the mouth and not the STD strand of the virus, but still, sort of crazy.

The not so funny part was my sweet baby who was in CRAZY pain and pretty miserable. His little mouth looked like a cold sore mine field. The doctor said he had over 30 sores in there. And at one point he had stopped talking and eating all together - it was heartbreaking. I thought about taking some video to share at the next high school assembly with the message of If You Think This Hurts...but decided he might not like being the face of herpes once he is in kindergarten and everyone gets all judgmental.

His T-shirt says Rocking Out For Summer, but the only rocking going on with this guy was with Mommy in a chair. :(
Thankfully, after many a sneakily hidden dose of his meds in chocolate milk (the one thing he finally took after many a failed attempts at other beverages) he is feeling MUCH better. 

Being in Waco with my little germ factory was actually a huge blessing. I had many hands to help out with my inconsolable Wyatt, and actually got to take a break and help at VBS a few days. Additionally, Stacey was thoroughly entertained ALL week with VBS and other activities. And anyone who has ever had a sick child knows how invaluable breaks, helping hands, and entertainment and distractions for the healthy sibling are!! Thank you Honey, GP & Angie for your willingness to keep Wyatt, entertain Stacey and pick up my slack at VBS.

This kiddo rocked out all week Backstage at Vacation Bible School -- whoop whoop!! He was so sweet and prayed for Wyatt to feel better every night, way to keep it real superstar!
In missions with Mommy,
And Traveling Sue!! My BFF Lauren made an appearance each day as Traveling Sue and talked to the kids about missions in India. They were SO enthralled and thought she was TOO COOL!! Nice job Lori :)
Speaking of BFFs. Ryan is #1 in Stacey's picks for his entourage.
Quick call from my agent...I mean Daddy, just another day in the life of a VIP.
Thursday night Wyatt was starting to show signs of improvement and even talking a little so we called of the quarantine for a few hours and let him out for the Go Fish concert.
I felt like we were back in Disney, only better because these guys are believers!! These pictures in NO way capture the boys enthusiasm. They were dancing on the isles like crazies and LOVED every minute of it. After the week he had Wyatt only lasted until intermission,
but the big boys made it to the home stretch and we've been singing 5 little monkeys ever since!

Wyatt is back to himself 100% and I love seeing his sweet smile and hearing his raspy little voice more than ever after 4 days without it. And hopefully we won't have to talk about herpes again until...well forever :)


Shannon said...

Sweet, sweet boy! I heard about this and was so anxious for the post! :-) Can't wait to see you guys tonight. Miss you miss you miss you!

Sarah said...

30?!?!?!?! Holy cow. Being one who also suffers from "herpes" I feel his pain, but that's an insane amount! Poor little guy I can't imagine!

shannonmichaelis said...

aw herpes, i know you so well....

Kylie said...

Bless his sweet little heart. That's miserable! I am SO glad he is feeling better now!

angie said...

I am also so glad he's feeling better, he was pretty pathetic! I love the VBS pics, they just make me smile!! We are ready for another visit:-).

Miranda said...

Poor Baby! Glad to hear that he is feeling better now.