Saturday, June 6, 2009

Disney Days - Hollywood Studios

Day three started off with the much anticipated Breakfast with Mickey at Chef Mickey's, at 7:00- YAWN!! Our house is usually up at 7:00, but up, ready, out the door and at breakfast is a different story. Although earlier than we might have liked we were actually really excited to get this reservation since on our first attempt they were all booked up. Persistence paid off and I'm so glad it did.

Check out these two sweetie pies in their little Minnie ears!!  We found them the night before and obviously they were a must have. Thank heavens I have nieces so that I can soak up some of that girly cuteness!!

The buffet at Chef Mickey's had some special surprises and was of course very kid friendly. Where else are you going to get to have Mickey Mouse shaped waffles and gummy bears for breakfast!!!

or swing your napkin as goofy leads you in a celebration song :). He's going to do great on his first cruise.
OK enough food and fun where is Mickey!?!
The characters came around to each table to greet every child and take pictures, sign autographs etc.
Wyatt was a little more hesitant at first, but he quickly warmed up.
Probably because he's a little sweet on this one.
Seriously - get a room you two!!
Fluto :)
It really was a highlight of the trip and although we wouldn't have minded a little more shut eye, we had a lot of fun and were off to the park just as it opened.
Hollywood Studios here we come.
When we first arrived the big kids headed off to Star Tours (which Ryan had been SO excited about) and Kacey and I took the little guys to pick up Fast Passes for Toy Story Midway Mania and held our place in line for Playhouse Disney - Live!

But don't worry about the under 40" crew (I was so happy Stacey was exactly 40" - phew - they would pull him out every time and make sure he met the height requirement, but he was just tall enough for most of the rides) they got to meet Annie & Leo from Little Einstein's!! There is a line for most of these meet and greets, but I could not pull Wyatt away. He wanted one more hug, then one more kiss, then one more high five.
Watching the boys at the Playhouse Disney show, which featured the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, My Friends Tiger & Pooh and Little Einstein's (all of which if you watch the Disney channel like us you know all too well) was my favorite part of the day. They were laughing and clapping and very involved. It was tough to get pictures since we were sitting on the floor and the lighting was bad, but it was just so fun to watch their joy as they watched the show.
I tried to get a family pic after the show since we had skipped our daily stroller photo op., but the boys were a little distracted.
There is a time lapse here with lunch and a ride on the Great Movie Ride (sort of put me to sleep too), but eventually the Wy Guy was out again.
And he wasn't alone.
Stinkers, because he just missed seeing Lighting McQueen and Mater. :( But he loves to look at these pictures.
Stacey is having a Cars birthday party in July so I turned into a stage Mom for about 5 minutes to try and get a good picture for the invitations. I threw on his new t-shirt and started the photo shoot fun. I have to say this boy takes direction like a champ. Toddlers and Tiaras haven't got anything on us. 

Slushy time. We drank these slurpee like drinks like water.
This little angel was the happiest baby ever!!! She was constantly smiling and just rolling with the punches. I wish I could say the same for all of us.
We ended day three with the Toy Story ride, I think? It all starts to run together a little. We had to wear 3D glasses. I think my husband was about done with pictures :).


The Penuels said...

Oh my gosh!!! Chapman would have LOVED the Playhouse Disney show!! I am LOVING seeing all of your fun pictures :)

angie said...

The 3D glasses are so funny! Sweetness:)

shannonmichaelis said...

I totally need ti show Justin all these photos - he would faint at the sight of Lil Eins and Cars, Mickey, etc. And that photo of toothless Wyatt - ahhhhh! Love all the family action, and I still don't think Justin would sleep in a stroller. Who knows. Looks like so much fun - I am enjoyign living vicariosuly through ll this!