Sunday, June 7, 2009

Disney Days - R&R and Parade

By day four we were all ready for a little R&R so we took it easy and spent the morning just playing at the resort - swimming and of course slushying - oh yes the resort had their own version so we were never too far from slushy sweetness. 

GP on the slide at the pool our balcony overlooked. You can see his fans looking on. You have to be able to swim to the side without any assistance or floaties so III couldn't go on the slide. We of course found this out at the top of the stairs about to go down. But, I was SO impressed with my three-year-old's attitude about it. I was expecting to have to immediately enroll him in a local grief counseling program and instead he just said, "Well, maybe next time when I'm 4 I can go on it." Not sure where he gets that cool head, certainly not from this drama Mama.
Speaking of cool heads...slushy sighting :) 
Couldn't resist a sweet pic of this Mouseketeer on Day 4.
After a full morning of swimming and some much needed naps the boys got into the GIGANTIC bath tub in the master bath to play with some Cars and Mickey souvenir bath toys and soak. And just in case swimming in your own personal hot tub in your hotel room with new toys wasn't fun enough Honey returned from Downtown Disney with giant T-REX bones filled with.....wait for it.....slushies!!! This is the sweet life boys soak it up!! Get it soak it up :)
That night the grown ups (minus Kacey and Josh who very graciously hung back and watched all the little guys - THANK YOU!!!) went out to dinner at II Mulino at the Swan (we didn't know it was at the Swan which would have been helpful, but we found it eventually). 

Then Honey, GP, Angie, Ryan, III and I headed out to catch the Electric Parade at Magic Kingdom. This was really fun because the sun was down and it was cool and we were completely refreshed, unlike the endless zombie faces we were passing in the park.

I love these pics on the Monorail.

We staked out a spot and waited for the parade. We almost got into a small fight with a rather unmagical family sitting next to us who had apparently been at the park a little too long, but cooler heads prevailed. 

GP bought the boys Mickey light sabers from the cart-o-light-up-stuff and they were in hog heaven. Ryan was putting his training from the day before to good use.
Lucky is right!
After the parade we rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, which everyone loved. It was just enough to scare the boys but leave them wanting more. The fireworks were starting just as we came of the ride - perfect timing! The late night outing was a real treat, especially since Stacey got to do it all with Ryan who he adores!!
Getting out of the park with the masses, not so special. Stacey was actually asking for bed, something that he wouldn't dare say back home. So even on or "off" day we managed to wear em out. We did eventually make it home and crawled into bed with just one more Disney Day to go.

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angie said...

I almost forgot about the near fight!!! And I love the picture of GP on the slide, we missed that bit of fun:-). I loved this day so much, great pictures!!!