Friday, June 5, 2009

Disney Days - Magic Kingdom

OK consider yourself warned, I had around 500 pictures from the trip so these posts may get a little lengthy, but I want to document the trip and I just can't help but include all the fun little details (fun to us that is :). 

You know what they say about a family that dresses alike...yeah me neither, but here we are all in red headed to Magic Kingdom. 
After getting a late start due to a late arrival the night before and making the drive to the park, trek through the parking lot, ride on the fairy, and wait in a line we were VERY excited to ride our first ride of the trip, the classic Dumbo!

But the real pick me up of the day came with a little afternoon shower and play time at Ariel's Grotto/spray park cooling us all off and giving everyone a fresh start. Yes, he is toothless and shirtless, and moments later I changed his diaper in public officially making us WT, but very happy WT.
See how much happier we are waiting in line now that we are all cooled off!

III & GP on It's a Small World. I love this sweet ride and remember it from my first trip to Disney.
Then it was on to Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, a favorite of the day, and the Test Track.
I hung back with this little guy, who had already O.D.ed on fun. Everyone said their kids would just fall asleep in the stroller, but I couldn't imagine Wyatt doing that. But sure enough, he was out. I guess if you wear them out enough they just cave.
To finish of our day we went to the Monster's Inc., Laugh Floor and Dad was "That Guy." They kept putting his picture up on the screen and would say things like:

"Everyone seems to be having fun except...That Guy." 
"I could just take you all home with me except...That Guy." 
"What's that smell? It must be...That Guy." 

You get the idea. It definitely made the show more entertaining for our crew. And he got a special sticker and everything!! Such a good sport.
As if that wasn't enough sweaty fun for one day when we got back to the resort we just kept the good times going with swim parties every day. Our condo was AMAZING. Mom and Dad really hooked us up with a fantastic spot. Each family had their own room and bathroom plus a huge kitchen, living room, dining area and a great balcony overlooking one of the many pools. And when it came time to swim there were spray parks, kids pools, lazy rivers, slides etc. So the kids and grownups had a ball.

Here are all the kiddos, Ally, Ryan, Lila, Stacey and Wyatt ready to swim!
My guys. Stacey was great at the pool took care of these little swimmers so I could relax...and take pictures.
Ryan was having too much fun to conceal it and his precious (but often allusive) grin was captured on camera!!
Is she not the sweetest little bathing beauty you've ever seen.
Phew, all that and it was just day can see why we are in  need of a vacation after our vacation.


Woodbury Family said...

So fun!!! Looks like ya'll had a great time :) I'm lovin all the Disney pics!!

angie said...

Love all the pictures:) I am reliving the fun!

Mindy said...

Caryn! I am loving your trip to Disney! Your posts and Angie's posts are GREAT!!! Takes me back to that trip to Disney we went on back in the day!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember?!?

Your family is ADORABLE!