Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kris Kross Will Make Ya - JUMP JUMP

Last week we went to Going Bonkers for the first time with for a Building Blocks Fun Friday outing. The boys LOVE a good bounce house visit, but this HUGE Cars slide was like a dream come true...seriously I thought they were going to pass out from the excitement of just seeing it!!

They each have their own unique spin on the dismount:

Air-born abandon
And sliding securely.
Then, just one day later it was Taylor's Princess party and they got to spend hours (thanks Chris and Melanie for letting my family invade as usual!!) in this precious bounce house. They might not know too much about Snow White, Belle, Aerial or Cinderella, but they know a good bounce house when they see one and they struck gold with this one.

I had a wedding to go to so I had to miss out on the festivities but from what I hear the three amigos (Chris made the pork, Melanie made the slaw - and a million other goodies - and Stacey made the sauces) had VERY tasty pulled pork sandwiches.
YUM-O I can't wait for football season, I'm hoping they try it again at the next Red Raider Tailgate so I can taste it!

Wonder if they have Texas Tech bounce houses? :)

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angie said...

That is one awesome bounce house!!! I love these action shots:-). Can't wait to see you guys tonight!