Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Big Pool

After our week in Waco for VBS we headed down to Lake LBJ for the weekend. It was our first time this summer and my first time since Granny Liz, my grandmother, passed away. I REALLY MISSED her being there. 

Mom and Dad have done a fantastic job updating the house and this little spot remains one of my favorite places in the whole world. The boys were super excited and based on this trip I think it will continue to become one of their favorite spots too. Stacey kept running into each room and yelling, "This place is AWESOME!!"

I wish I could have captured their excitement - HA!
They couldn't wait to get out on the boat and neither could I. After, well, I think most of my lifetime, my parents said goodbye to our old boat, or Grey Ghost as we called her, and hello to a new ride!!

We went on an evening ride after baths and the boys jackets were still wet so sunshine got to borrow a pretty pink jacket. We decided with his long hair and girly jacket he looked a little too sweet for the tough guy he is, but he couldn't have cared less.
Ahhh, this is the life! GP was letting Stacey man the reigns and get a feel for the new boat.
Saturday morning III woke up pleading non stop to blow up this pool and slide that he'd spotted on the way down. Of course GP obliged and the boys were wet ASAP. Stacey used the step as more of a launching pad and would just fly over the slide into the water.

I think we got our Christmas Card! JK - hello I am in my swimsuit with no makeup, a picture I would only share with my faithful readers :). That's just one more reason I love the lake, no makeup or hair dryer required.
Then it was off on the tube! Stacey jumped right on (with Daddy close behind), but the rope broke and he got a mouthful of unexpected water so I'm hoping we didn't ruin him for the future. Wyatt wanted to ride as well (I was shocked) so both boys had their first go on the tube (I didn't want to tell them at the time, but it is probably the only time GP or Daddy will be that sweet while they are riding, usually it is Man vs. Tube a survival challenge).
Mom, Stacey and Sean also took a turn. I love Mom sitting up waving like she's in a parade!!
Jeronomo!! III kept asking to go in "the big pool" 
Nothing says summer at the lake better than watermelon. Wyatt ate about eight pieces, he was a machine!

Our sweet friends the Svoboda's joined us on Sat. and I was thrilled to get some hang time with Katy before baby Clark gets here next month!! We had fun looking through Granny Liz's guest book at all the signature's, including several of Katy's, of old friends that visited the lake house over the years. Of course I took no pictures of the adults (other than Sean on the tube). But plenty of this trio. AnnMarie is about as cute as they come.

Pink jacket looks a little more at home on AM. Getting her guns up with Honey. She is 1/3 Red Raider, but we'll claim her 100%!!!
It was a wonderful weekend and we can't wait to come back for more exhausting fun on the 4th!! 


angie said...

Those are some VERY nice kids chairs and collages:-). I cannot wait to get out on the boat on the 4th!! Seriously great pictures, the pink jacket and all. I love looking at those happy boys. So FUN!!!!

Katy said...

I loved the guns up picture! so cute! We had a GREAT time. Such fond memories there from such a sweet family all around! Thank y'all again SO much. :)

Self Family said...

what a wonderful weekend - love the watermelon pic and one of wyatt crashed on the boat. happy days. gotta love the sun, the lake, and family all together!!