Friday, June 5, 2009

Disney Days - Epcot

Day two we were a little more prepared and managed to get to the park just as it opened.
Don't forget these two sweeties :). THey really are like having twins.
Right when we walked in Daisy Duck was waiting to greet us. She had to go call Donald briefly (they are so funny making up little stories for the kids. Stacey asked me on the plane, "Mommy, is Mickey Mouse real?", too sweet) so we were going to have to wait just 3 minutes or so for her to return. I didn't think the boys would care if we just kept on walking but III was insistent that we stayed put until he gave Miss Daisy a hug and a handshake!! His precious embraces of these characters were just too sweet.
Don't you worry, Wyatt got his hug too, of course, such little ladies men.
Then we went into the ball for Spaceship Earth. Here I am in my personalized home of the future.
All the cards seemed to be stacked in our favor as we headed over to the Character Spot to wait in a very short line, indoors no less, to meet a slew of characters.
Wyatt getting a little lift from Dad.
After weeks of anticipation there he was in the flesh, or felt...or whatever fabric he is made of, close enough to touch, the star of it all, MICKEY MOUSE!!!! Oh you could just feel the excitement!
Honey and GP with the grandkids and Pluto (or Fluto as III calls him).
The girls and Mickey.
You better watch out Mickey this guy is getting some serious Minnie Love!!
All the boys.
Then we headed to The Seas With Nemo - my boys love them some Nemo.
We squeezed in the Test Track (the Magic Kingdom car ride was actually the Speedway, for those Dianey buffs that caught my mistake) and Soarin (I really liked this one) before lunch at Teppan Edo in Japan.
I had my first and last taste of Socki :) Berry good, berry strong.
Our final stop was at this YUMMY bakery in France. Thankfully we had some good recommendations from friends, otherwise we would have never known to try these specific spots.
Epcot was one of my favorite days. And based on these two tired pups I think a good time was had by all.
You just know they are dreaming about their magical Disney days ;)


Wendi Junod said...

I love all these pictures. My boys sat in my lap as we looked at them over and over again. Brooks loved seeing III hug all the characters. Those sweet boys all tuckered out in their bed. I'm dying to hear how the hotel room situation went. Little nervous about our trip next week. Keep posting!!

angie said...

Precious pics sister! Your sleeping beauties(or should I say princes?) are adorable.

Shannon said...

That last picture is too sweet! I love the one of Wyatt kissing on Minnie! Too too cute. Miss you guys and love you!