Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vacation Bible School

We are in Waco this week for VBS at FBC Woodway, my old stomping grounds, and having a great time. Stacey is loving it. I was able to watch him in worship yesterday and he was doing ALL the motions to the songs he was so precious. I am helping out in the entering Kindergarten glass with my sister Angie and one of my BFFs Lauren so it has been fun to get some quality hang time with them. Check out our super cool matching T-shirts from Monday. Stacey kept saying, "Hey, she matched us too." or "he, matches us too." about everyone wearing the official VBS T. Like it was just a really neat coincidence. Angie, Mom (AKA Honey), Me, Stacey, Ally, Ryan and Wyatt

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nicolepage said...

Hey Caryn! I was so excited to find your blog through another friend's and catch up on your family. Your boys are too precious!! Hope that you are doing well,
Nicole Page