Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Is this your kid?

Today after VBS we met some of my best friends at Chick-fil-A to have lunch and catch up. This is always a challenge as you try to wrangle the kids and meet their demands for lunch. We set up a kids table and hoped for the best. But "the best" was not in store for the Smiths today. As a side note I LOVE Chick-fil-A, if I take the boys out for lunch this is usually the place of choice. They are a great Christian company, it is SUPER kid friendly, they have a great age appropriate, indoor play area for Stacey and Wyatt and we all love the food (sweet tea - YUM). Anyway all that to say it is a familiar place to our family so I was not a bit concerned when we couldn't find a seat right in front of the play area. The kids ate and then were off to play, while we finished up. Then Caroline (the beautiful 5 year old in the pics) came up to the table and said, "Caryn, Stacey had an accident...and he was kind-of at the top." The ladder part of that being the real clincher. So I leave Wyatt in the watchful eye of the other Mom's, grab, my wipes and a pair of shorts (Wyatt's - Stacey's are in the car, because he hasn't had an accident in quite some time and what are the chances? HA!) and head for the play area. Upon entering an employee asks,"Is this your kid?" Oh you mean the precious two year old who wet his pants and has forced you to evacuate the entire play area? The one who is still in there crying? The one whose Mother was munching on her nuggets while the other Mom's grab their kids and run? That kid? Yep he is mine all mine!! Somewhere in here I start to lose my cool a little and it gets blurry, but I remember yelling at Stacey to "Get down!!" a few too many times and then having to pull him out striped him down, switch shorts and head out to the car in the blazing heat for a better clean up and new clothes. I am sure it was a site to see for all those with a window seat. So after sweating bullets at the car while he cries that he doesn't want to leave Chick-fil-a we go back in to retrieve Wyatt and clean up the mess we'd left behind. To top things off on the way out of the parking lot a car was honking and pointing, but of course the only thing on my mind was getting the heck out of dodge. Katy called a few seconds later to let me know I had driven off with my sweet tea (the only really successful part of our trip) on top of the car, hence the honking that I ignored. So to Shannon, Ann, Lauren, Katy and all other paying patrons at the Waco Chick-fil-A around 12:30 yesterday our most sincere apologies. I hope to catch up with you for real soon...maybe this time we'll leave the kids at home :)
Charley, AnnMarie, Caroline, Wyatt, Stacey and Justin

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