Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nerd Alert

We are continuing to have a great week in Waco, I have loved the quality time with my family and friends and enjoyed the change from our normal routine. It is also nice to have full time help with the boys, have someone else buy the groceries, cook dinner, and plan a slew of activities in addition to VBS every day. Thanks Honey, GP & Angie!!

We (Stacey and I with Angie and her kiddos, Wyatt stayed home with Honey for some R&R) went swimming one afternoon and the pool was just perfect for little ones. Last summer Stacey was a 100% water baby but this summer he has been a little slower to warm up to it, but I would say he is back in action after this visit. He LOVED the slide and went on it more times than I could count, but after several trips up and down the slide one of the lifeguards told him he couldn't wear his floaties because they weren't approved by the floatie police, or whoever approves that sort of thing. I thought he meant that particular pair of Batman floaties so I put on another pair we had in the bag, but apparently no floaties are allowed at the pool, so after a second reprimand we were sent to the lifeguard room for a super cool orange life jacket. The water was shallow enough that we probably would have been OK without a floatation device, but since we haven't taken the plunge (no pun intended) into swim lessons yet, I made him wear it on the slide. Thankfully he isn't aware that he looked like a giant nerd :)

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