Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pools, Pigs and Picnics

We had a really fun family weekend just hanging with our boys. Nannie and Big got a "basketball pool" which they loved, especially Stacey. As the video shows the boy has no fear.

Brylie and Wyatt with Nannie after their swim.

We celebrated Grace Gummelt's 1st birthday at a PRECIOUS Pig-Nic party and enjoyed every little piggie detail!!! Cori (Grace's Mommy) is super creative and I'll be paying her royalties for this one when I start up my birthday party business :) Cori and Cary live right around the corner from us and are in our community group at Watermark, we have loved getting to know them this year and sharing Grace's and Wyatt's first year together.

Stacey in the Hog Wash

Grace and Wyatt in the Pig Pen
We also went to the spray park for the first time this season and Wyatt LOVED it. We frequented the same park last summer, but he was just a newbie and would snooze in the stroller while Stacey played, it is amazing the difference a year makes.

We had lunch at the park, here is some live footage of our little picnicers. Nothing too exciting, but we think they're pretty cute.

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angie said...

OK I love the pic-nic:) SOOOO cute for a b-day party! I also can totally relate to getting ready, the JOYS! of being a mommy.