Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mom of the year

Well it is really a wonder that the Lord entrusted me with these two boys with all the mistakes I make, but I think tonight's takes the cake. And I apologize in advance for how long this entry got.

A little background, Stacey doesn’t like vegetables and we have to do some pretty strong persuading to get him to eat them, Wyatt on the other hand will eat green peas and broccoli like a pro. The general rule is you don’t have to eat your vegetables, but you can’t have dessert if you don’t. So lately I’ve been making a really big deal out of how great Wyatt is at eating his vegetables and giving him a cookie in front of Stacey all in an effort to get Stacey to eat his. He’ll say, “These vegetables will make me big and strong?” So cute. And on a good day he might eat some peas. But he’ll often toss a few on the floor when we’re not looking (which Wyatt does but that is because he is 1 and eats like a drunk monkey) or act like he accidentally missed his mouth with his spoon, you get the idea.

So today Stacey had helped (and I’m using that word loosely) me make chocolate chip cookies. It was dinner time and the boys were eating at their little table, Wyatt was eating peas and I gave Stacey the other half (they come in a plastic cup, like fruit). I was messing around in the kitchen, Stacey was up and down out of his chair, and when I came back to check on their progress I noticed his container was missing. So I asked him, “Stacey where are your peas?” He just smiled up at me (I thought rather guilty like). “Stacey, did you throw your peas in the trash?” “No” So I asked again, “Stacey, did you throw your peas in the trash?” He said, “Yes…?” So I go into this long spill about how when he said “No” that was a lie and how serious that is, and how sad that makes me and how it hurts Jesus' heart and on and on and on. His punishment was that he could not have any of the cookies that we made. Dad comes home and I go on and on about how we made these wonderful cookies, but Stacey can’t have any. He in his little precious two-year-old voice explains to Daddy that he put his peas in the trash and told Mommy a lie so he can’t have any cookies. We even prayed when I was tucking him in that Jesus would forgive him for telling a lie.

So you can only imagine how wide my eyes got when later, after the boys were asleep I came into the kitchen and saw...THE PEAS sitting right there on the counter!!!! I immediately asked Stacey (Dad), “Where did these come from?!?!?!” “They were in the microwave.” That’s right I put them in the microwave to warm them up. And I accused my precious baby of LIEING to me. I felt about an inch tall and just started crying.

Needless to say we’ll be having cookies for breakfast with a side of Mommy is so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Woodbury Family said...

oh no, that is so sad caryn!!! i'm so sorry! you are a wonderful mother-- that kind of thing just happens i'm sure with a two year old :)

Self Family said...

oh wow...what a hilarious story. and in the many times I have had similar experiences, I always say, "and then there's grace" - both God's grace and the grace of a toddler. What a blessing!! And for the record, you are the Mom of the Year to Stacey and Wyatt!!

Desi Brown said...

I've already won that mom of the year award way too many times myself!! Nothing more humbling than being a momma sometimes.