Monday, June 2, 2008


Those of you with kids under two years old can probably appreciate that from the moment you brought that bundle of joy home from the hospital things that were previously almost an unconscious part of your daily routine: sleeping, showering, brushing your teeth etc. are now a much more advanced accomplishment. And at least in my own mind I give myself a gold star or a pat on the back when I can check that box. Way to go self you managed to feed your children and give yourself a shower today – Woohoo. As the boys have gotten older this has become a little easier to accomplish, and while there is no longer a bouncy seat or a Johnny jump up just outside my shower door there is a chatterbox that does not seem to understand that every time you open the door it get a little chillier in the shower. Our current morning routine - 7:00 rise and shine, eat breakfast, Stacey watches shows the boys play, I try to slowly bring myself out of the fog…this goes on until about 9ish when Wyatt goes down for a nap. This is the window of opportunity where I jump in the shower. Today I gave Stacey a snack (a banana) and told him he could play I was getting in the shower…which in his mind is apparently an open invitation to chat.

Me: get in the shower
Door opens: Mommy I don’t want the rest of this banana
Me: Ok throw away the bottom part
Door Opens: Mommy I need to wash my hands
Me: OK get your step stool
Door Opens…curtain swings open with antibacterial in hand (this is how we often wash our hands) two squirts are given from the shower and he is off again
Door Opens: Mommy can I let the dogs out? (He means in, but he often gets those two confused)
Me: OK, thank you for asking
Door Opens: Mommy I need to go potty
Me: OK
Door Opens: Mommy I don’t need my stool, I go potty like a big boy like Ryan without my stool
Me: Good Job baby
Door Opens: Mommy I need to wash my hands….see line six
I step out of the shower in my towel
Door opens: Hey you’re wet!!!
I guess he didn’t realize that I WAS IN THE SHOWER! :)


Stacey said...

Too cute. I totally agree that a day with a shower, brushed teeth and clothes other than pjs before noon is a gold star day!

I love that you are blogging. Keep it up!

The Penuels said...

Love it!! I am laughing out loud :) "lol" I should say!

Melissa said... that even in interrupted shower mode you are encouraging your children in their accomplishments! :)