Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Beach

We went to Houston last weekend to visit Kacey and Josh and find out if we are going to have a niece or a nephew, but Baby Warren wasn't feeling cooperative so the mystery remains for a few more weeks. Kacey was obviously very disappointed but we got to see video of the little miracle and he/she is perfect. We went to Galveston on Friday so the boys got to experience the beach for the first time. With the exception of some salt in the eyes (Stacey) and a few face plants in the sand (Wyatt) they loved it.
Poor baby, that salt stings.

Stacey and Ryan were collecting shells. He would bring them over and say, "This one is for Daddy, I'm gonna take take it home to him." So sweet.
Cute couple :)

Candylicous is a candy wonderland next door to The Chocolate Factory and somehow we always seem to fit in a visit when we're are in H-Town
Dueling Suckers
The hotel gave the boys some goody bags and they were a hit!

This might be my favorite picture of the weekend, Josh showing Stacey how to play the guitar - so sweet. He is going to be such a good Daddy!!!

Thanks for a great weekend.

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