Sunday, June 23, 2013

Joys of June

Just a few random ramblings from this month.

Future Mouseketeer Puppeteer?

 Jack wanted in on the action.
We enjoyed a great week at VBS at FBC Woodway. They put on such a great program and all four boys loved it.

I worked with Stacey's class this year with one of my besties, Katy.
She used to teach first grade and has some skilz in the classroom!!

I loved our group of sweet first graders and knew A LOT of their mommies! It was fun being with the "big kids" after lots of years with the preschoolers.
On Thursday night we went to the Go Fish concert and I had a ball with my bigs. The concert is just SO much fun and such a great example of how worshiping our savior is a joy and a delight. The Go Fish guys know how to do it up right!! Highlight of the week for sure! 
After a full week of VBS (I LOVE VBS but it takes it out of you like nothing else!) I was headed to Dallas for a night with my girlfriends to celebrate Wendi's baby #4 on the way, and enjoy some R&R with six of my favorite people ever!
Townley will make baby number 23 for our little group. Isn't that crazy??!! Shannon made this collage and we all just poured over it thanking God for each of these 23 incredible blessings. It was so fun to see them then and now.
 Looking cute in our VBS shirts - ha! ;)
Shannon recently moved and her new backyard is like a resort - so so beautiful! So went spent most of our time together just visiting and swimming - a delightful way to spend 24 hours!
 The following week Wyatt was in Dallas with Big and Nannie soaking up some quality time and things were pretty low key around here. It is amazing the difference the absence of just one makes.

I hosted bunko and and little improptu birthday celebration for Kacey.
 $$ for shoes! :)
The big dice I had pulled out of my stash for bunko reminded me of a big game I had seen (on pinterest of course) so III and I went to work making our own version.

Both on the banana spot, you know what that means? ;) Go back to the Monkey of course.

Doing push-ups to move forward.
 I don't think Milton Bradley will be calling anytime soon, but we had fun. :)
 Ryan spent the night one night and we made marshmallow slingshots.
 Love that if you look close you can see the marshmallows in motion.

 These two ate more than they launched but that was half the fun.

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