Tuesday, June 11, 2013

School's Out for Summer!!!!

Phew! The last few weeks of school were CRAZY with so many fun end of the year activities and ceremonies! We wrapped up Stacey's first grade year with an awards ceremony. He started this year with little chiclet teeth all in a row and is ending it with a very different smile!!
 Our amazing administrator, Honey, kicking things off.

First he received his mileage club award. He was the only first grader to run over 40 miles this year!! WOW way to run Stacey!! You can tell by this face he thinks it's pretty cool. :)
Then Mrs. Lindsey awarded him for showing Jesus through leadership!!

Mrs. Lindsey has known Stacey since he was born and known his Mommy just about a long. What an incredible blessing!! She is an exceptional teacher and Stacey thrived under her leadership.
Of course the awards ceremony can get a little long as teacher's talk specifically about each student but is is truly amazing that each of these students is known and loved by the teachers and staff at WCS!

Second grade here we come!
Next up was Kindergarten Graduation and the official last day of school!

Candy-grams to mark this special morning.

 Sleepy peeps

Wyatt was all about dressing up in his bow tie. He is BY FAR my most opinionated about his wardrobe and usually finds something as "dressy" as khaki shorts to be some form of clothing torture so I was THRILLED that he was THRILLED to wear such fancy attire. And of course proceeded to take a million pictures of him because, HELLO my six-year-old is WILLINGLY wearing a BOW TIE!!
 New favorite picture of my Wy-Guy. :)

 Show time
 Goofy nervous walk
Wyatt had his first public speaking experience welcoming us all to Kindergarten Graduation! If you blinked you might have missed it. ;)
 They sang a couple of precious songs and then it was time for diplomas.

 Wyatt received the servants heart award from Mrs. Sims! So proud!!
 Three amigos
 Honey and GP with the graduates

The incredible Mrs. Sims, praying right now that she sticks around to teach Crew and Coyt in Kindergarten.

As I told Mrs. Sims and Mrs. Lindsey, they have done so much more than teach Stacey and Wyatt, they are raising our sons with us and shaping their character and we couldn't be happier to have them helping to Shepherd our boys.
 It's Official!

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