Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ghost Dragons!

Wyatt had such a great season playing baseball with the Ghost Dragons. He completed it weeks ago, but these pictures slipped through the cracks so I am a little slow with this post.

The coaches let the boys come up with their own team name each season, but we had some extra input this time around. A few nights before his first practice Uncle Josh was asking Wyatt what team he was on. Upon hearing they were yet to be named he and Stacey rattled off a few (hilarious to us) far fetched options, one being the Ghost Dragons. So of course, when the question was asked at the first practice, "What do you want our team name to be?" Wyatt spoke right up with an enthusiastic, "GHOST DRAGONS!" mob mentality set in and Ghost Dragons they were. :)
 I puffy heart tiny baseball pants!!
Faithful fans

 If only his enthusiasm and ability to strike a pose as a baseball player was transferable to the actual game. ;) Just kidding, Wyatt was a determined player and gave it his all for a great season!

As always his coaches were beyond wonderful, so blessed to get to play on a team with such great leaders and friends.
These faithful fans were taking in a ridiculous amount of baseball with three separate teams/grandsons to support. So thankful that they can be and want to be at the boys games!
Goooooo Ghost Dragons!

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