Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pockets and Pampers

These are just a few of the tiny treasures purged from Coyt's pockets before or after they went through the wash. He is CRAZY about his pockets and must have some combination of a lego guy, ball and car  in them at ALL times.

I looked over at the pool a few days ago to find him digging around in his swimsuit. No pockets? No problem, he just stowed away a few treasures in the lining of his swimsuit. Sweet boy I love you and your bountiful pockets!!

Since I am logging a little current Coytism for my memory I'll include one for Crew too.

He is currently OCD about which diaper he gets. Pampers have pictures of the Sesame Street gang and while the Cs have watched the show pretty infrequently they are very familiar with the characters. For Crew ONLY Elmo or Cookie (Cookie Monster) will do. Big Bird? Grover? Ernie? They are chop liver as far as my man is concerned and he is NOT having it! And he will NOT be swayed by the small Elmo on every diaper. Ha! Nice try Mom!

He pulls the diapers out like it's a lotto and is quite thrilled when he finds his Elmo/Cookie. The rest of the gang, "dats bubba's biaper." Thankfully, "bubba" is too busy taking inventory of this pocket passengers to care too much. :)

I know, another thrilling episode of...these are the days of our lives...but you know I'll blink and pocket and pamper obsessions will be long gone, so I have to write it for my own stroll down memory lane.

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Kacey said...

I love those boys so much and their individual, hilarious, unique personalities!!