Thursday, July 11, 2013

Base Camp in D-Town

Last week we were Dallas bound for Stacey and Wyatt to attend Pine Cove Base Camp. They take Pine Cove on the road to several big cities in Texas, partner up with local churches utilizing their facilities, to offer a day camp from 9-4. Campers get to experience all the joy of camp without spending a week away from home, something mine aren't quite ready for yet. 

We had heard great things about Base Camp and it did not disappoint.

Just a little glimpse of what greeted us every day. The counselors were awesome.
First day by their tent Coolangatta. They were excited but not sure what to expect.

They had a photographer take pictures throughout camp each day. It was so fun to get a little glimpse into what they were up to.
LOVE this one. :)

Trust fall.
Nacho, the boys counselor.

Playing some crazy game of get the socks of all the counselor's hands and feet to win.
Lazer Tag
Scavenger Hunt
Stacey and Wyatt both had an incredible week and by day two were asking if they could come back next summer and were calling Daddy at home to report that BASE CAMP IS AWESOME!! After watching a few promo videos they are now convinced that Pine Cove Family Camp next summer is a must. ;)

Loved that they loved it so much and very thankful for a fabulous week.

While the Bigs were living up at Pine Cove the Cs and I made the rounds seeing lots of our favorite Dallas peeps!!

Monday I got to help Shelley and Geoff move into their brand new BEAUTIFUL house!! And Tuesday Karla and I got to catch up while the kids played (I was a little slow getting the pictures rolling). But, as always, such a sweet time!

On Wednesday I met us with my old community group girls and a few Watermark buddies at the new Tree House in the children's wing at Watermark.

Super sad that this picture is ridiculously blurry. I was having a little camera difficulty and automatic was stalling out, but I included it anyway. Blurry or not you can see a little glimpse of my sweet friends, the awesome tree house and Coyt and Crew doing what they do. :)
Wednesday evening Karla and I went to dinner with some of our old small group girls. It was amazing that so many were able to be there and we LOVED hearing what they have been up to. This year of graduating from college, getting jobs, moving, getting married etc. has been a huge year of transition so it was fun to see what the year had involved for each of them. As Karla texted me on the way home, my cup runeth over. Truly beyond blessed to get to catch up with these ladies and so incredibly proud of the amazing women of faith and integrity that they have become!!!
Thursday the Cs and I invaded the Browns for swimming and lunch.

Photography by Reagan.
Shannon is such a gracious host. In addition to our circus she and had Reid in town as well as one slumber party on its way out just before another play date rolled in. Everyone loves it at the Browns and we know why!!

At the start of the summer I thought Coyt was going to be my water baby but the tables have turned and Crew is much more fearless, while Coyt is happier in the shallow water.

On Friday we wrapped up the week at Northpark with Aunt Sarah.

The Cs LOVED the turtles and ducks.

We had lunch at Liberty Burger and as this picture shows it lived up to all the hype - YUMMY!!!
One last stop to meet this sweet baby girl. Addie is our cousin Lisa's baby and I hadn't had a chance to meet her yet so I was long overdue to squeeze those sweet cheeks!
Love this picture Sarah took with lots of smiles.
Fun to look back over this week full of so many sweet friends and fun in Dallas. :)

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