Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Beach Bound

Shortly after school was out we were headed to Galveston to meet the Michaelis' and Junod's for the weekend. And it just so happened Stacey needed to be in Houston the Thursday/Friday before our beach trip (AWESOME TIMING!!) so we tagged along and made the long weekend into a family vacation.

Happy at the hotel.

My camera was on the wrong setting but you get the idea. :)

 While Stacey headed to a meeting we headed to the pool!! We had it to ourselves most of the time.
You can see a tiny plane in the distance if you look close. This picture does NOT do it justice, but we were staying by the airport so we had our very own air show while we swam.
 I really thought one of the planes might take out our hotel is was SO close to us!
 Happy helpers at the pool.

 Super Stacey!

 All that swimming makes you thirsty!
 After Daddy returned we headed out to Lupe's for some yummy Mexican food.
 Yep, this is what our pictures look like these days.
The next morning we headed over to meet up with Shannon and her kids and were on the road to Galveston. The daddies and Junod's joined us later in the afternoon and we were ready to hit the beach!

Our boys haven't been to the beach, at least not since they were old enough to remember, so this was a very new and exciting adventure for us!! Stacey III did mention that the thought the ocean was supposed to be blue, like in Nemo (his point of reference for all things ocean). Have to love those Texas beaches!! ;) But truthfully, we couldn't have cared less, we were just excited for sand and waves!

Had to include this picture because it is the only one that I got of the twins first impression of the beach. Lots of tears and clinging to Mom and Dad for dear life!
 Not these guys, they LOVED it, the waves and the sand were right up their ally!
 Thankfully Crew and Coyt eventually decided that a gigantic sandbox was pretty fun.

A shot of most of the kids (minus Brooks) enjoying a popsicle. We had 10 kids between us and they really played together so well! The oldest six are all boys (Stacey, Wyatt, Brooks, Barrett, Justin & Levi) then two girls (Lexi and Georgia) then the twinadoes - so everyone had plenty of buddies.
 Coyt found a happy spot in this hole dug by the big boys the day before.

Shannon's family owns the house we stayed in and it sits on the canal, offering the best of both worlds! The beach was fun but it was also really nice to be able to rinse off the salt and sand and come back to the calm canal and chill out.

Nick kindly taking Wyatt for a spin in the canoe
 Lots of fishing!!
It was a super fun weekend and we were so grateful to have the opportunity to show our boys the beach (Thanks Shannon & Derek) and have some fun family time with great friends!!

I did take a few pictures of Shannon and Wendi and I at the beach but they are MIA, because I burned them. Yowza! You know how you think you're sort of working the fedora and your beach blown hair really isn't all that bad? And maybe the swim dress you bought this season (due to your body completely betraying you at 35) is sort of cute?...And then you see a picture of yourself and the overflowing humility that immediately follows crushes any such fleeting thoughts from your summer psyche? Me neither, just checking. :)


Shannon said...

CRACKED UP at that last paragraph. I feel your pain, Sister! Love all the new pics and CANNOT WAIT to see you this weekend.

Meg said...

you know, i don't even really leave blog comments anymore because i am kind of lazy like that but i am DYING LAUGHING at your last paragraph!! i know you looked beautiful regardless but i think it's probably how we all feel...cute & about 22 yrs old until the ol' photographic evidence!! bahaha!! (oh and p.s. i had twins 3 wks ago RIGHT IN TIME FOR SWIMSUIT SEASON!! yowza is right!!)