Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Sightings

I have such mixed emotions about summer. On the one hand I love a break from homework and packing lunches and all he schedule and business that can come with the school year, but on the other hand four boys that are all mine all day everyday can be a little intimidating!

Thankfully, so far this summer is off to a super start. :) 

We celebrated Memorial Day at home with friends and a little BBQ - and cotton candy compliments of Biggie. 
Until recently Crew and Coyt wouldn't watch more than two minutes of anything but they have discovered "Back Back" and they are like little Backyardigans addicts. Thankfully this particular addiction allows me to get ready is peace so we are all for it!!
 We were out of school before most of the big school districts in town so we decided to take advantage of our early start to summer and beat the crowd at Hawaiian Falls. We surprised the big boys the morning of and they were SUPER PUMPED!

We met the Woods and Bowdens there and had a GREAT day.

 We've spent several evenings in the driveway just riding away.
A few races. I love how Crew has no idea that his Flintstone peddled car has no chance. :)

 I think I can. I think I can. :)
And just a random picture of a french toast breakfast on Sat. morning because someday I might want to remember the days when the boys all sat on one side of the table. :)
Hope your summer is off to a smashing start. :)

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Katy said...

When the boys all sat on one side of the table. So sweet!!!