Friday, March 22, 2013

Together Forever

I was an honored guest this morning at the wedding of Q & U! 

Wyatt was super excited to get dressed up in his "handsome" clothes, as he calls them, and go to a wedding and reception with cake and punch.

First there was the procession.

Please look at Wyatt's Miss Q and Mr. U. Awesome.
The honorable Mrs. Purdy officiating.  
They paired up to walk out and were so squirmy and darling about it. 
Passed these two eggs on the way to the reception.

I like spiderman. I can run. God has a plan for me.
I love Jesus. I can sing. God has a plan for me.
I love that they are learning that even though they are all different and good at different things with all sorts of interests, God has a plan for them!!!
 Honey and her Kindergartners.
 The woods.
Me and my handsome little fella!
 Do these guys look like trouble or what!

Class pictures by the bride and groom. Could Wyatt be any happier?

This picture cracks me up. They didn't say a word but somehow made the exact same face. :)
The Cs were hanging with Mrs. Janice during the ceremony but joined us just in time for cake and bubbles.

 Thanks for a fun morning Wy-Guy. I have a feeling they'll be together forever.

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