Sunday, March 17, 2013

35th Birthday With a Side of Rattlesnakes

I had such a  fantastic birthday this year. I am sure I will will try to recreate it for years to come because it was just so delightful (I realize that probably sounded sarcastic, but I'm actually serious)!!

We kicked things off the the Sunday before my birthday with a joint family celebration for Angie and I (our birthdays are two days apart) at Honey and GPs. 

Bowtie babies!!

We got lots of fun gifts!!
Just had to include this little snapshot of Wyatt melting down, not sure why - HA! Whatever it was he quickly recovered.
I followed suit with an Amazon wish list so this kicked off the first of a TON of awesome treats with a whisk, fedora, bun form, necklace and new stemless wine glasses just to name a few! Highly recommend it!

 Cinderelli/Kacey, poor girl, she has lived a life of serving us on our double birthdays. ;)

And then one of my birthday wishes came true when we jumped in the car and headed to Oglesby, Texas for the Rattlesnake Roundup!!! OK maybe not, but it wasn't actually my birthday yet so this trip didn't really have anything to do with me and was just a fun family outing on a Sunday afternoon.

Honey and GP graciously let the Cs nap at their house while we met up with the Svobodas and took the bigs to a small town Texas treasure.
Stacey ran into a buddy from school!
 Daredevil snake taunters.
These crazies got into a sleeping back and then filled it with snakes.
The real attraction was the celebrity sighting of Rattlesnake Republic star Jackie Bibby!!! I am using the term celebrity loosely, even if Stacey and Sean would say otherwise.

You would think for all the swamp and hunting shows I have seen snipits of I would be more familiar but somehow this gem on the Animal Planet slipped through the cracks.
Then, Old Man Higginbottom jumped in the picture for a two for one celebrity shot. He actually had cash in his hand and was about to make a rattlesnake barter...which is apparently what he does on the show.
Katy and I decided we had better get in there too, because you're not going to NOT get your picture taken with Jackie Bibby and Old Man Higginbottom? Am I Right?
 First funnel cake.
 The kids jumped on the train for a quick ride.
Stacey and AnnMarie contemplating their needs for a dated Kelly Pickler, kitten or Twilight poster - So RANDOM!

I originally thought this sign said there as no school because of the rattlesnake hunt, which would have been a lot cooler.
 Love this picture of my Wy-Guy and the big BLUE skies
OK back to the birthday. The week of my mother-in-law offered to take the twins for a few days since I was hosting Kacey's baby shower at my house. Yes, she is AWESOME.

So on March 1st, my actual b-day I woke up at my leisure and after the bigs were off to school I had the whole morning to myself. Ahhhhh such a treat!!!
I sipped my coffee, opened some more presents, watched a little TV and then went to get a pedicure and spend a birthday gift card before retrieving the twins from Shelley, who had graciously brought them back to me from Dallas.

(Oh my gosh are these the most boring details ever? Sorry, I'll try to pick up the pace here!)

As if I hadn't been spoiled enough, that night Stacey had arranged for Sarah to come into town and keep all the kids and surprised me with dinner at Cheeves Brothers, a great steak house in Temple, and a night away!!

What?? AWESOME!!

I took my camera and had great intentions of actually taking a picture of us all dolled up and out on the town, but I got to the hotel without my tights. And since I was turning 35 and not 16 the dress I brought was too short to wear without tights so an impromptu trip to the Target trumped the picture I had imagined. 

Guess I lied about the no more boring details bit. ;)

Then, just to round out the perfection of my birthday week, on Sunday night Katy had coordinated a girls birthday dinner with some of my besties, new and old, at Chuy's.
To recap, the best birthday should include:
Family Celebration
Rattlesnake Hunt ;)
Morning to Myself
Afternoon with kids
Night out with Hubs
Wrap up with a Girls Night Out!!

No pressure 36 but 35 totally hit this one out of the park!!

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