Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I put "stacation" in quotes because we hyped up to the boys that we were having a stacation for spring break, but really that was just code for we have no plans and aren't going anywhere. Yea!!!

I had a major bad attitude going into the week. I think our lack of plans and my lack of motivation to make any just had me envisioning days on end of four birds pecking me with an endless repetition of "What can we do now?", "I'm bored.", "I'm hungry.", "What can we do now?" playing on a loop for nine days straight.

But, once I was reminded that it is sort of awesome to sleep in (daylight savings really came in handy here because we completely ignored it and started our days at 8 instead of 7 which was delightful) and curl up with my pups in bed and watch Too Cute or cartoons before starting our day I shifted gears and we had a great week. And it didn't hurt that for most of the week it was beautiful outside!

The absence of liquid starch didn't last too long. Once my alpha boy had seen the possibility of making slim on pinterest there was no turning back. He asked constantly when we were going to "do that experiment"? So I somehow managed to procure the two supplies (equal parts clear glue and liquid starch, add food coloring) and we were all set!

It was sort of ridiculous just how much they loved it. I was thanked profusely during and after the awesome experiment for letting them make slim. Major Mommy brownie points!

Speaking of brownies ;) we made some.

I snagged these little car banks from Marshall's and they were a hit too.

Over the course of the week we worked on a little master bedroom makeover at the Woods that Angie had coordinated to surprise Mark while they were out of town. We loved the finished product.

On Wednesday we met some of my best buddies including Shannon Brown who was in town (there are a few things/people from Dallas that I would transfer here in a second if I had the power and she is transfer candidate numero uno on my list!!). I miss her like crazy so it was super fun to catch up.


Landon leading some version of a flash dance mob. :)
On Thursday we met one of my college besties (I fear I might be using that word at a nauseating rate), Lisa and her twosome at the Dr. Pepper Museum. They were passing through town seeing some sights and I was super excited to take in this local gem since we had never been.
Seeing double, I have said it repeatedly but it just blows my mind that we both have twins!!

I don't think the other people at the museum shed any tears when we left. ;)
Playing puppy? Who knows.
On Friday we went to the zoo. The weather was beautiful and the boys were delightful so it was a perfect way to wrap up our week.

After starting off the week dreading it I found myself instead dreading its' end and was very thankful for a pleasant low key week with my boys.

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angie said...

Loved the slime!! Such a cool mom:). Looks like a fun week!