Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Eggstravaganza

We kicked off our Easter weekend with an Easter Egg Hunt on good Friday. We have been hosting a little hunt ever since Wyatt turned two and we celebrated his birthday with an Easter themed party at Honey and GPs. My sisters came on board and our little party has grown as our kiddos have and this year we got to host at our house!

I would have never dreamed four years ago when Wy-Guy was turning two that we would live in Waco and get to host our friends in our home for this shindig - too fun!!
Cheddar Bunnies
Cornfetti - Easter Mix!

I was at Off the Cob, a popcorn store in Waco, giving the sales girl WAY too much info about my color scheme and trying to decide on which flavors and quantities etc., I am sure she was dyeing a slow death listening to me (probably wondering if I was aware that this is JUST POPCORN CRAZY LADY!), thankfully, she chimed in to say that they actually have an Easter Mix and saved me from myself. Easter Mix? Well why didn't you say so, SOLD! ;)
 Cheetos Carrots (my favorite kind).
We kept all the treats super simple this year, but if you ask me it is hard to find a cookie as yummy or cute as these babies! :)

We snapped a few cousin pictures before everyone arrived. Coyt and Crew seem to just light up when this occurs. ;)
 I do love this one of Wyatt and Coyt, and how SWEET is it that we have these wildflowers growing across the street!!!
We even have a few of these beauties popping up on our property!

 Brylie and Wyatt were ready to JUMP!

 As the guests started arriving the baskets starting piling up.
 Just a random pic of the scene outside. Hard to capture in a picture.
 My sweet husband is such a huge help, couldn't do it without him!
 First up was the baby bunny hunt, the three and unders, in the front yard.
 Wait, there is candy in here? Well get these silly eggs out of the way!
 Honey, helping coyt grasp the concept that the eggs actually go IN your basket.
Brady LOVE!!
It concerns me slightly that ALL four of my boys first instinct is to beat this poor bunny? Although I guess if a giant bunny was to attack I'd be well protected.
Then the real rabbit rascals were up. They were hunting in the back yard, and our hiders might have done a little too good of a job in the wild woods. I think some of the sweet four year olds were a little over the wild woods.

Patiently waiting for the go ahead. :)
On your mark. Get set. GO!!!!
 And he's off.
Great picture of B on the hunt from Shelley.
Hunt eggs or dance party??
 Love this one of Lila and Caroline on the big slide.
 Such a fun day, we can't wait for next year!

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