Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Little Man

I was SO excited to host a shower for my sister and nephew, who should be making an appearance next month!!! We went with a "Little Man" theme and as always I LOVED every minute of it!

This is what happens in the wee hours of the evening when I have too much time to nitpick the details. Little birdie's on top of cake stands get custom bow ties. ;)
This is #3 for Kacey and her first BOY!
Root beer and cream soda all dressed up for the festivities.

The favors
I racked my brain for weeks trying to come up with something clever for the mini chalkboard favors. This was the best I could do. Not my best work, but they can't all be winners. :) I would LOVE to hear anyone chalk board favor label ideas!!
Kristiana with Krispy Banana Kids was at it again with these darling bow tie onsies!!

James Wright Warren's monogram.

Yes, little mister was all dolled up for the evening too.

Bathroom bling.
Big sister Lila was an honored guest and SUPER excited to get her party on in honor of her little bro.
Kacey is such a beauty and a super model mamma even when preggers!
The hostesses
Sisters :) So blessed by these two girlies!
Lots of Loot for this sweet boy.

I just can't wait for this little guy to get here! 
James Wright Warren we already love you so so much!

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The Junods said...

Girl! You outdid yourself! That was precious!!! All those little details with your fingerprints all over them were amazing! Well done! I know she loved it!Your house looks amazing and you look beautiful! Sure miss you. Won't be long!! love you!