Wednesday, March 6, 2013


These first few pictures were taken on Valentine's Eve. It can be tough to get good pictures of Coyt and Crew together so I am a smitten kitten for these sweet little snapshots that capture their budding personalities. 

Coyt is in the "Love Stinks" T and Crew is in the "I Heart the Ladies" T. Both of which sum up my tough guy and snuggle buddy pretty well.

Beware of the Batmans!!

They LOVE this sweet little board book and were very expressive "reading" it together. :)

They walk alike they talk alike...

And nothing is better than some play time with WyWy & Tacey

I had intended to put a heart on the boys door every morning in February with something I love about them written on it. However, when I looked up and it was February 9th, I decided that perhaps they would just get 14 things all at once on Valentine's Day. :)

We did manage to implement Kisses for Kindness around that time.
A little LOVE from Mommy!

These were all things I say a lot or have told them often, but getting to read 14 things that I love specifically about them and watching them smile with pride as they were showered with affection was pretty precious.

Daddy got a little love too. :)
For breakfast we enjoyed pink milk, powdered donuts and I attempted some heart eggs in toast.
 My heart wasn't real recognizable but you get the idea.
These love bugs wake up like sunshine and even I (an extreme non morning loving person) can't help but smile at their sweet sleepy faces.

After breakfast we let the boys open their valentine from us. Just like cupid they got a bow and arrow.

Wyatt has a little carpet burn...on his face...from church. Yep, you heard me. Oh the joys of boys.
 Big Hit!!
 Little lesson from Dad.
The babies got a heart clapper from Dollar Tree and were just as thrilled.
Miss C came over for a visit while Kacey was at Lila's class party and I couldn't help but try to get a picture of these three CUTIE PATOOTIES!!!   

Caroline's not so sure about Crew's affection. XOXO!

Then we swapped and I was off to class parties. I was in charge of Stacey's class. They decorated heart baskets, that III and I made out of paper plates the night before, for their valentines.
Then, had to complete all the tasks on a candy worksheet in two minutes. A fun game I found on pinterest.
I popped into Wyatt's class during snack to say hi and snap a picture. It is tough when you can't be two places at once.

 The boys came home with treasured gifts. This was from Stacey.
And this was Wyatt's. No pressure Stacey III but your little brother thinks love is...when you play with him. :)
I didn't get any pictures of their valentines but they gave "Sip Sip Hooray It's Valentines Day" heart straws to the girls and "Whoopee It's Valentines Day" whoopee cushions to the boys.

That night we got take out and made a special valentine dessert (if you call refrigerated cookie dough baked in heart dishes special, and I do).

I got a some sweet surprises! 

Kacey might have hinted where he could go to find such things (oh how I love sweet sisters) but my hubs picked this out all by himself, I loved it, and was so impressed!
I had planned to play a few fun family games with the bigs once the Cs were in bed.

This one involved using chopsticks (or pencils since we were fresh out of chopsticks) to see how many conversations hearts you could get into the bowl in one minute.

After a few rounds the troops were pretty tired and my competitive alpha boy was taking things a little too seriously so we called it a night and scrapped the rest of the games in favor of bedtime. Apparently all that LOVE had taken a tool on my kids.

Thankfully Big and Nannie came into town over the weekend so we got to have a real date.
 How do i love thee...  :)

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Sarah said...

I might have gotten misty eyed seeing Wy guys sweet Valentine love for his brother in that precious Kinder handwriting!! How I love you ALL!! xoxo