Thursday, November 3, 2011

Soccer Studs

We had a fantastic soccer season cheering on the Sharks at the Woodway Family Center. We let Wyatt play up so that he and Stacey could be on the same team and I am so glad we did. One practice schedule & one game = greatness. Not something we will do forever, but perfect for this season. And several of Wyatt's classmates were on the team too so it worked out perfect.

Our coaches were fantastic encouraging, teaching and corralling these boys all season.

Stacey III totally gets soccer and not to sound too much like a bragging biased Mommy, even though that is exactly what I am, :) but the kid has got some skills!! "Franchise" was his nickname an he was so fun to watch!!

Way to go #1!!
#3 is equally fun to watch!
Our Wy-Guy had so much fun playing soccer. He loved being on the same team with his brother and buddies and he managed to get that ball in the goal several times over the course of the season. The Family Center is just his speed and you would never know this was the same kid that shed many a tear his first season, those days are long gone.
Gooooooo Sharks!
Smith brothers
Love this team picture, pretty much says it all.

We had lots of fans come watch the boys play but their #1 fans, the twinados, kept me from getting many pictures of our cheerleaders.

Next up, basketball.

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angie said...

Such soccer studs!!! That last picture is hilarious:)