Sunday, November 20, 2011

Alphabet Lunches

One week I decided I would make Stacey a letter lunch to go with the letter he was studying at school. So I made a letter "O" lunch...and that was all it took, I was hooked and so was he! He loved it and couldn't wait for his next letter lunch, and I couldn't disappoint him.
Stacey loves buying his hot lunch so I only actually make his lunch a couple times a week, if that and when it isn't a letter lunch it is usually a lunchable or something equally as easy, but once a week I muster up my creativity. I'm not sure who has more fun, me or Stacey. I'd be lying if I said I didn't sort of love scouring the isles for specific letter items. Some weeks are harder than others like "I" for example, but it's become a fun little tradition and keeps us from getting into a rut with our snacks. :)

Several weeks ago the kids had an early release day so we invited the cousins to join us for a letter "T" lunch at home and you know I can't resist a good Treasure hunt.

Ta-da, a T lunch with a Train Tortilla, Teddy Graham, Turkey rolls with Tooth pics, Transformer fruit snacks, Texas crackers, Tri-Color Tortilla, Strips, Trix and a Tootsie Roll
And what do you drink with a letter T lunch? Tab of course - HA! Didn't even know they still made Tab, or exactly what it was, but they do and it was a hit.

They study the letters in random order so I never know what the next week will bring, oh the anticipation! ;) We're about half way through the alphabet so lots more letter lunches still to come.

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