Friday, November 11, 2011

Fredericksburg Girls Trip

A few weeks ago I got to spend the weekend catching up with my best friends from my college days at TTU. At one time we were all in the DFW area so we would meet for dinner in Dallas or Fort Worth about once a month, but, Lisa moved to Wichita Falls many moons ago and now that we're in Waco we were past due for a girls weekend together.

Pit stop at the Dr. Pepper Museum on the way there.
I got there with my camera but no sim card :(, thankfully we took a few iphone pics.

We walked through the shops in Fredericksburg and went out to dinner.
We grabbed lunch at the Peachtree and shopped 'til we dropped. My cute avocado soup.

Then, we spent Sat. night at lake LBJ. We had a fantastic dinner at the Lost Oak Vinyard Tree House Bistro, stopped by the Kingsland HEB for magazines, and solved most of the words problems by 11:00.

And while we were away our husbands and grandparents managed to hold the fort down with only one trip to the ER. Yes, seriously, but a few stitches later Jude was good as new!

I don't see these girls as often as I'd like but when we get together we pick up right were we left off like we haven't skipped a beat since our days at Savannah Oaks. We reminisce about Brooke and what she would be doing if she were still with us. We laugh about our former selves and how much we've changed and simultaneously how we're all exactly the same! It was a great weekend and good for this girl to spend some quality time with some of my favorite people. I can't wait to do it all over again soon!!

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