Friday, November 18, 2011

Eleven Months!!

Well I managed to take and upload these pictures last week, but neglected to actually post them! Whoops. The boys are over the hat and would rather take it off and chew on it than wear it for two seconds, so these aren't are best pictures, but they are my precious messes at 11 months.
My mind just can not comprehend that these two are closing in on their first birthday! I really do feel like it was just yesterday that we found out we were having TWINS!! And that I was waddling around town blowing everyones minds with my girth.

Coyt and Crew are pretty happy boys unless they are tired or hungry and the occasional teething outburst. We are trying to transition from baby food to table food. Crew is good about eating whatever you give him, but Coyt will sit there with a tray full of food and cry until you bring out the babyfood.

They are pulling up on everything and reaching new heights every day. Just this morning we heard the piano being played by 20 tiny fingers that just a few days ago couldn't reach such high heights. They can sit in real high chairs at restaurants and we switched them from their infant carriers to regular car-seats.

Even though they are still very much babies all those little milestones are just evidence that they are getting bigger and are a little less baby everyday...sniff sniff. However, knowing that these PRECIOUS days are going to be gone in a blink helps me keep my cool when they are crying in surround sound, or peas are getting spit at me or I am changing what feels like the hundredth diaper of the day. Because I know in jut a matter of months I will be wishing for these sweet sweet baby days.

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