Friday, November 11, 2011

Birds of a Feather

This month Stacey and Wyatt both came home from school with a turkey feather to be decorated however they desired and returned to school to display with the rest of the class creations on their turkey.

Stacey of course wanted to decorate with his favorite thing in the whole world - candy, but, no edibles allowed, so we went with the next best thing - candy wrappers. Then he also wanted to decorate it with Texas Tech and Baylor, hummm, interesting theme?? We went with a double T made of candy wrappers and he was very pleased.

Wyatt also had no hesitation with his inspiration, batman and spiderman, I had just picked up a cape and mask for $3 in the Halloween clearance section at Wally World so ta-da our Super Wyatt feather was a no brainer. Wyatt was more of the brains of the operation and lost interest when it came to actually assembling it, but trust that he made ALL the decisions, right down to the placement of each hair.

A fun family project and great lesson in patience and letting go for mommy, I mean lets be honest who wouldn't choose super heros and candy over fall leaves and acorns? ;).

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