Friday, November 11, 2011

A Major Award!!

OK I know you are sick of hearing me brag about my kids, what with the soccer post and INCREDIBLE feather creations (wink wink), but I just can't help but post one more braggadocios post about my firstborns award winning week!

And please know that this kid gets in trouble he hits his brother, he talks back, he's the pickiest eater I've ever met and does all the normal things that kindergarten boys do, I am under no allusion that he is perfect.

However, he is also a pretty great kid, and this week at school he was awarded the WOWCat (Woodway's Outstanding Warrior for Christ). It is an award given by the teachers to a student in each grade every six weeks. Way to go Stacey, we are so proud of you!!

Every Thursday in P.E. is Mileage Club which means running your heart out! They run as many laps as they can and at the end of the six weeks they receive a ToeToken (little foot key chain to hang on their backpack) for every five miles they've run that six weeks. Stacey got his second ToeToken this week, which he is beyond thrilled about. And, along with two other kindergarten boys has run more than anyone in the school thus far!!! I'm thrilled that he has picked up on my love of running - HA - J.K. - not sure where he gets it, but I'm so glad he loves it!

Stacey, we are so proud of you for being a good listener and obeying in your classroom and for doing your absolute best at school both in your classroom and in the gym. Way to go buddy!!

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Holly said...

Thanks so much for posting the picture of the feather disguised. I have to do one with Ellie and had no idea what to do with it! I think we might make the candy one:) Also, E started at a Christian School here in NC and it sounds similar to Stacey's school. I love it! Hope you all are well....