Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This year we took a departure from traditional race-car drivers, superheroes, and pirates of years past and decided to go straight W.T. as "Swamp People." I'm really not sure how this came about but somehow after tossing around lots of ideas this is what we landed on and the boys were thrilled.

You may not be familiar with the hit show that chronicles the adventures of back woods gator hunters, why would you be?, but, it is a family favorite around here. However, if you are one of the Cajun loving viewers than you just might recognize these two.

Meet "Bruce" and "Willie"
I seriously gave no instructions for these two poses.
Look familiar? Ha! This is Bruce (in the overalls) but this isn't actually Willie pictured, Stacey was more of a mix of several characters, but you get the idea.
Ready to "choot em"

What kind of hunters would they be without some live gators to test their skills!
Got em!
Catch of the day. Dats suh big allugatahs
Don't worry, no gators were harmed in this reenactment.

Daddy with his tiny tree-shakas
Friday night we met up with the cousins for some pictures before heading to FBC Woodway's Fall Fest.

These two know just how to turn on the charm!
And drumroll please...join us under the sea with King Triton, Ursula, Ariel and Sebastian. I mean could you die!? Kacey really knocked it out of the park for her sweet family!! And Lila was in heaven!!
A city champion and a beautiful ballerina.
Love this picture. They're looking at each other like "What the heck are we wearing?" HA!!
Cousin Crew
Saturday I hitched my wagon to my sisters and got to attend an AWESOME fall party at the "Cooney Pumpkin Patch" It was an absolutely beautiful night out in the country and we had a blast picking pumpkins, decorating them, jumping in bounce houses, eating BBQ, going on a hay ride and visiting with friends.

I like this picture just because you can see Ang and Kacey wresting the triplet cousins (no small task these days) while I am off taking pictures. :)
Don't these three look like they could all be sisters? I think it's the hair? Sisters are not they are cutie pies!
On Monday morning Wyatt got to wear his costume to school. We decided to give Bruce a break before trick or treating and he went as SpiderMan!

Serious spidy skills!
"Don't worry Mom, it's just me, Wyatt." He is still completely conviced that he IS spiderman when he has his mask on and we have no idea that it's Wyatt until he reveals himself. Hilarious
We got to celebrate with his precious class at a fall party.
Later that same day Stacey's III's class had a 50s party celebrating the first 50 days of Kindergarten.

Stacey and his sweet friend Jackson.
Had to document the comb in his back pocket. ;)
Yummy sundaes!
Stacey with his amazing teacher Mrs Sims. Isn't she precious in her poodle skirt!!
After snacks at Mrs. Sims Diner it was off to the "drive in."
Monday night the alligators were back on the prowl looking for trouble.

Thankfully the local zoo keeper was around to keep them out of harms way. :)
In the wild.

You can't really tell in pictures but when they were crawling they looked so funny, they move like real baby alligators.
Before we headed out with friends for the actual trick-or-treating the boys wanted to practice at Honey and GP's so they snuck around to the front.
Decisions, decisions.
Then it was finally time to hit the streets and trick-or-treat!

Can't get enough of this one.
What's a gator got to do to get some candy?
Until next year, Happy Halloween, from our swamp to yours.


The Penuels said...

Adorable!!!! Makes me miss you guys :)

shannonmichaelis said...

First of all, never heard of this. Big surprise there. But the alligators are my favorite part, especially when they are moving around on the ground.

Love Kacey's family outfits - hilarious! I haven't been on the Reader in over a week, so I loved catching up on everything. Those little fuzzy double heads are precious!

Shannon said...

I mean...I really can't stop laughing. From the beginning to the end of this post, I was ROLLING! Man I miss my Smiths! Like you said about the Warren crew....the ENTIRE PURDY FAMILY just hit Halloween 2011 out of the park. SO STINKING FUNNY! Love you