Tuesday, November 30, 2010

34 Weeks

I got two stars today, literally my doctor gave me two star stickers, because we made it to 34 weeks!! From the very beginning he has said 34 weeks was the goal with twins so whoo hooo we are here.

We had a good checkup/sono. The boys are estimated to weigh 5 and 5 1/2 lbs. right now. They are getting more difficult to measure since they are all up in each other's business but both are growing and looking great. Crew continues to be long and lean while Coyt seems to be a little chunkier. Best they can tell the issues we have been watching with the kidney have resolved themselves, so that is a wonderful answer to prayer.

I am more and more uncomfortable but not showing signs of labor yet and as much as I am ready to get this party started more time is obviously good for the babies as they continue to grow and develop. No official inducement date has been set yet, but they will be here by Christmas at the latest and that is only three weeks away!!!!

As I was in the waiting room at the doctors office today I was thinking about sitting there that incredible day when Stacey and I went in for our first appointment and got the news that we were having TWINS! Overwhelms me with absolute joy to to think about the unimaginable blessing of two babies and the fact that we'll be holding them in just a few short weeks!


Shannon said...

Once again, as stunning as ever! Praise Jesus for these healthy boys and a healthy mommy to carry them THIS FAR! You are amazing! When can I come see you? How about next Thursday? I won't have Payton and your boys will be in school! Let's make a plan.

angie said...

I'm ready to get this party started too!!:) I'm so thankful that both babies look so healthy and that the kidney is healed-praise! I'm praying these three weeks fly by!

Meg said...

wahooo!! 34 wks!!! from here out is just gravy :). you will meet your babies THIS MONTH...how cool is that?? i promise i would deliver them and relive it all over again if i could...pure magic!! proud of you and shannon is right...beautiful. carrying around 11 lbs of baby agrees with you ;)!