Tuesday, November 16, 2010

32 Weeks

I am 32 weeks today and according to my most recent checkup everything looks perfect. Both boys are growing nicely, measuring around 4.3 and 4.4 pounds. Just in case your math is fuzzy that is over eight pounds of baby!!!! They are currently both head down (although still plenty of time to change) and there fluid levels look great. I am very "full" to say the least as there is literally no space between my uterus and my breast bone and Crew's head is very low. But we continue to keep on keeping on, with no signs of labor or need for bed-rest etc. Don't you worry I spend plenty of time putting my feet up and resting.

The me-maw hips are still in full effect and have been joined by some late night heart burn, general shortness of breath, and tiredness but it is hard to complain when you go in for a check up and words like "perfect" and "couldn't be better" are used to describe your pregnancy! Obviously I have nothing to do with the way my body is managing to carry these precious babies, but I am incredibly grateful for God's protection and the continued health of Coyt and Crew.
Speaking of, they were feeling very photogenic today and both offered up a profile shot, often a rarity this late in the game. It was clearer on the video, but I really don't think their profiles looked much alike. Who knows, but makes me super excited to see their sweet faces.



Jennifer McWilliams said...

Caryn- you seriously look amazing! It's getting so close. Praying for a special last few weeks as a family of 4!

angie said...

I second that!! You look awesome:) I cannot believe how easy you make it look! And now I'm thinking they may be fraternal??!! U can't wait to find out.

Shannon said...

Oh My....I third it. Just absolutely beautiful! And - those are two precious boys! It won't be long now! I agree...they don't look a lot alike! I cannot wait to meet them and see just exactly what and who they look like!

Chrys and Mike said...

darrrrrrrrrrrrrling belly! cutest momma ever. so excited!


Katy said...

Yayyyy!!!!! I'm so excited after reading this post! It's soooooooo close! ;)

Can't wait to see these two munchkins. And---everyone is right--you look SO good for having that much baby inside! ;)