Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lets Go Mavs!!

Yesterday about 4:30 Stacey called home to see if we'd be up for a Mavs game. We, being Stacey Wyatt and myself were all still in our jammies after a very leisurely day at home, leaving us perfectly primed for this spontaneous family outing! Someone at Stacey's office had offered him four tickets to the game and we jumped at the opportunity to enjoy a night out with the boys.

We had a parking pass (check plus for me-maw hips) and great seats (both because they were close and cushioned which is especially important to yours truly these days). Stacey and Wyatt loved it and we all enjoyed the evening, which ended with a Mavs victory!!

What a blessing to have a free family night fall in our lap!!


shannonmichaelis said...

Super fun!

Love those last minute fun nights that are FREE!

Your tummy in that last post is SO BIG! How do you walk around? :-)

Precious ultrasound photos. Love you!

angie said...

Oh girl what a fun night!!! What a sweet gift.