Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

This Thanksgiving we snuck off to Waco, I say snuck because we are sort of in the "no travel" phase of pregnancy but I had a good check up the Monday before we left and crossed my heart that I would do my best not to deliver in Waco and thankfully Stacey agreed to let me have my last ho-rah and Thanksgiving wish and hid his anxiety well. Obviously we made it back without incident and will be staying put from here on out.

I took almost no pictures since that would have required me to get out of the heavenly recliner, that I am convinced was designed by someone pregnant with twins, where I spent most of my Thanksgiving.

Honey entertained the cousins with activities including the creation of this turkey masterpiece!!
Angie decided to make it the best Thanksgiving ever with an early round of Christmas gifts and let all the kids open their pint sized snuggies. They couldn't have been more thrilled!
Snug life!
Man, I'd love to play Bingo, but I am just so cold - problem solved - SNUGGIE!!
The boys really loved the time with their cousins.
I couldn't help but include a little picture of my main man's Thanksgiving attire (he was obviously thrilled about being photographed). It was a mullet ensemble of sorts - conservative Thanksgiving dinner on top, but football watching party on the bottom. He's all mine ladies.
On Sat. we managed to put up the Christmas decorations with lots of help from two little elves that could not be more excited about this Christmas season.

My cup runeth over at the ridiculous amount of things I have to be thankful for!


shannonmichaelis said...

Love that I got to see you last minute! Cannot wait for those babies, and SO GLAD that tree is up at your house! :-) Christmas here we come!

P.S. Derek is already in the works for a spring Daddy and sons camping trip....

angie said...

I loved spending time with y'all last week! Such a fun week:)

Kacey said...

So glad that y'all came down one last time. Hard to believe next time we see each other, there will be 3 babies!!!!!!!