Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You KNIT me together

On October 28th I got to help celebrate my baby sister Kacey and Caroline Caprice, her second baby girl due December 21st, at a baby shower in their honor. Here is the beautiful Mommy.
I had seen a cute wedding shower here with the theme of "Knotted in Love" and thought it would translate nicely for a baby shower using Psalm 139, so "You Knit Me Together" became the theme.

What a blessing that we can rest in the truths of God's promises!!
Kristiana, one of the hostesses owns, Krispy Banana Kids and made all of the items for the precious clothes line.
I borrowed the various balls for these yarn balls from my boys, obviously you couldn't tell, but it made me smile a little knowing that tennis balls, soccer balls, and even a Spiderman & Batman ball were just below the surface of the girly centerpiece. :)

The favors were sewing kits and say "Thanks for sharing in the joy of Caroline being perfectly knit together."
As I mentioned Kacey is Due December 21st the exact same day I'll be 37 weeks (which they won't let me go past). So basically we have the same due date and these babies may very well be cousin triplets.
Couldn't help but include this pic of the hostesses showing off our new earrings, our hostess gifts from Kac, makes me laugh, and confirms that I am definitely retiring that shirt - WOW!!
Love you Kacey and can't wait for Miss Caroline to arrive!!!


Kacey said...

I said it on my blog, but this seriously was the cutest, most detailed shower I have ever seen!! I felt so loved and blessed by all that you did!

The Junods said...

You knocked this one out da park, girl! precious! so thoughtful and mindful! i too giggle about the spiderman ball :) you, yourself look like you're smuggling a spiderman ball or two! i cannot believe how amazing you look. seriously...literally ALL BABIES! where's the extra chub? NONE! great pix and sweet sweet shower.

Sarah said...

I'm pretty dang obsessed with this party idea!! LOVE and may steal sometime... :)

And the cousin triplets? I couldn't help but sing "they're cousins! Identical cousins!" :)

shannonmichaelis said...

Copying every bit of it (if the others agree)! Love it all - so creative and thoughtful. The Spiderman balls are going to be kept in the back of my mind - brilliant! And that blue shirt is not to blame for the all baby belly! Girl, that's amazing! And I'm with Wendi - not an ounce of chub anywhere else. Love all of this!