Friday, November 12, 2010

Sweet Shower

It has become our tradition after first born baby showers to have a mini-shower for the expectant mother. Mini, in that it is a little more low key with just the seven of us. So while I was in Waco for Halloween weekend my besties from forever had a beautiful luncheon for the babies and me!

I forced them to take this cheesy one. :)
Yes, we were down one very critical attendee, but we brought Doha and Wendi to the shower via Skype. Thank goodness for modern technology. Of course there is nothing like the real thing, but thankfully it is a just a few more weeks until our expat is back in the USA for the holidays!! (Sorry for the fingerprints Wendi).

These girls really know how to make a mama feel loved!

My spot had two baby pumpkins, for obvious reasons ;).

I also took home some great loot!! Including pacimals, a moby wrap, and an awesome high chair that hooks onto a table but without question the"My Breast Friend" twin nursing pillow provided the most entertainment.

A vision of things to come...Yikes!
And then after babies it can clearly be used as a serving tray.
I know I am a broken record when it comes to these girls, but I can never say enough how blessed I am to have each of them in my life. As usual, our time together was too short and leaves me longing for our next get together!


Meg said...

oh my WORD i am dying at the my breast friend!! (a must-have, btw!!) of course i know about nursing twins on it but i never thought of the serving tray :) :) :)!! ann looks like such a natural!! i am telling you, when the babies used to fall asleep nursing on that pillow when they were tiny i would wear it with them on it all the way to their cribs, then lay them down. just be sure you snap it on!! :)

Team Leslie said...

Caryn, congratulations my friend!! I have been so OUT of blog land lately and had no idea you were expecting twins! Wonderful news and I'm thrilled in in Excited to stay posted:) You look amazing!

angie said...

Lovely shower ladies!! I love every sweet little detail:). The my breast friend serving tray is awesome:-). Love you!

Katy said...

A breast friend for our best friend. It's funny every time you say it.

And---the cheesy pics are always my favorites!!!!!! :)


Kristin said...

I am laughing so hard at Ann.... love it!!! What a fun party!!

shannonmichaelis said...

This whole posts makes me laugh, sigh, and miss you more. Wish we lived closer so my acts of service self could love on you more. Can't wait to meet those fellas!

Yesterday I ran into 2 sets of triplets - made me realize how fun the later years will be when they can run and play as besties...