Monday, November 1, 2010


We had a full weekend of Halloween festivities starting on Thursday at Preschool. The boys got to wear their costumes (minus several accessories) and I was in charge of Stacey's class party. We made monster apples.
And then a rather disastrous craft. Who knew glue doesn't stick to foam? Live and learn ;)
Goody Bags
After the party we headed to Waco for the weekend. Both Stacey and Wyatt had lots of ideas about what they wanted to be this year, Buzz and Woody, Zurge, Farmers, Spiderman and so on, but they kept coming back to pirates so that was eventually the official consensus. On Friday night the pirates put on the full get-up for Fall Fest at FBC Woodway. They had real eye patches but understandably they proved difficult to wear so we just went with face paint instead.Yikes, I wouldn't want to run into these guys on the open sea!

Or maybe it wouldn't be so bad.
We were joined by Mini Mouse, A Lady Bug and and Jango Fett (sadly I had to look that one up - couldn't remember which Star Wars character he was - I'm sure that won't be the case for long).
We got to sneak into the bounce houses earlier in the day while no one else was there - score!! but there were still plenty of games to be enjoyed.
On Sunday we headed back to Dallas for our final festivities. First up a birthday party for Noah turning 5 and Dylan turning 1.
Karla had a fabulous carnival set up with all sorts of fun activities including bowling with pumpkins,

and pin the spider on the web just to name a few.
Wyatt was later sad to learn this was only a temporary tattoo.
Enjoying some pop rocks.
We wrapped up the weekend with some good old fashioned trick-or-treating with friends. By this point preggers was ready to pass the baton so I sat this part out while Sarah and Daddy did the honors.
When the boys got home they thoroughly enjoyed passing out candy to our trick-or-treators and I loved hearing them say. "Oh, what are you?"- "Help yourself" - "Happy Halloween" etc. pretty cute.

This morning I overheard Stacey saying to Wyatt, "I really wish we could go trick-or-treating again tonight." Wyatt of course agreed that would be a fantastic plan, but then Stacey informed him that it would in fact be a LONG time until Halloween was here again because it only comes in the fall. He took the news pretty well. And I was pretty impressed with his newfound concept of time.

So until next Halloween Mateys :)

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angie said...

Ahoy!! They look so precious and are the cutest little pirates ever:)
oh I remember when I didn't know the Star wars names either....:)