Wednesday, September 30, 2009

State Fair of Texas

On Sat. we headed out for opening weekend of the State Fair of Texas. We love going every fall and checking out all the fair has to offer. Kacey, Josh & Lila made the drive to join us making the day even more fun!

We started with the beloved (beloved by Stacey not so much by me) car show.

Heaven help us when these two are legal.
III loved the Bumblebee Transformer Camaro (takes me back to my t-top Camaro driving days - good times)!!
A red Corvette is more the Wy guy's know understated and oh so subtle :)
And you can't go to the fair without getting a Fletcher's Corny Dog. Wyatt gnawed on his for about an hour but we polished ours off lickidy split.
The boys got to pick one ride in the Kid's Way and loved their spin around on these bouncy cars.

Howdy Partner.
Cutest cow ever.
The boys really enjoyed the "All Hands On the Farm" experience.

After all that fried fun as well as a petting zoo, dog show, and gadgets and gizmos galore these two passed out Disney style right in the stroller.
But this guy hadn't quite had his quota of fair goodness so we finished the day with some Texas shaped nachos.
Everyone slept good that night...well, maybe not everyone Kacey and Josh had the luxurious bunk beds for the night, but we were all tired for sure. :)
Can't wait for more fair fun next year.


The Junods said...

So awesome! I can't believe I've really never done the Texas Fair. The boys would love that too. Ever since you started going with your boys it makes me want to go. Never knew they had so much fun stuff for little ones. These are great pics and how fun to go there with sister and fam!

shannonmichaelis said...

How fun that they had the hands on activities farm like Houston did at the rodeo. Things I would have spit my food on had I had any food in my mouth (code for much laughter): corndogs, t-tops camaro, when wyatt becomes a legal driver, and your "force with with you face" on the bday post. love it all!

Miranda said...

Caryn~ This is going to seem a little odd but as soon as this problem came up I immediately thought about you. :) My nieces 2nd birthday party is on the 17th of this month. The theme is cupcakes and lollipops. My sister has bought 25 lollipops and now we are looking for a way to display them. The are 3 1/2 inches in diameter multicolored with a small ribbon tied around the stick. Do you have any ideas? I am always talking about your ideas for birthday parties and shower so I know you can come up with something. :)
thanks girl email me if you come up with anything.