Friday, September 25, 2009

A Red Raider Family Lives Here

My parents used to (and may still?) have a little cross stitched sign in the hall that read "A Red Raider Family Lives Here" and lets face it, if it's been cross-stitched you know it's true. We all got together to watch last Sat.'s game at Kacey and Josh's. We'll be cheering louder tomorrow, but we had a great time in spite of the final score.
Aunt Kacey put on a cupcake decorating seminar for the little people.
As usual Wyatt was neat and tidy.

This is where the boys were perched for most of the game, watching Monsters Inc. on the tiny screen. I just love the little stair step of these three.


angie said...

We have almost the exact same post:) Maybe if I get a cross-sticked plaque then Ryan will love the Raiders? I'll try it.

Shannon said...

What a fun day with the Purdy clan! I love the picture with your parents and the kids. So sweet!