Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cowtown Playdate

Yesterday we headed over to Fort Worth to hang with one of my best friends, Whitney, and her two cuties Brooklyn and Luke. We had a blast catching up and chatting while the kids played. If only Dallas and Fort Worth were a wee bit closer we would do this all the time!
Just a few days ago I was reading the boys a book (one that a sweet older lady down the street had given us - it used to be her kids) and it had pictures of a see-saw. I was asking the boys if they had ever seen or ridden on one and as I suspected they hadn't. You just don't see many see-saws or merry-go-rounds anymore. But wouldn't you know it the park we went to in FW had both.
I think there are probably good reasons why you don't see either any more - mostly because they are both potential death traps, but the boys love tempting fate and enjoyed them thoroughly.


angie said...

Love that Whit!!! And don't even get me started on my detest for merry-go-rounds:-). What a fun playdate!

Katy said...

hilarious---potential death traps. but aren't they so cute to look at?? :)
Looked like a fun time with Whit and kiddos. Miss y'all!

Sarah said...

I loved see saws! I'm sure they're dangerous, but they sure were fun. :)