Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Miss Julia Steen

Shannon & I, along with precious Payton (who was a perfect passenger and without our four other precious ones seemed like a total breeze) made a quick trip to Waco on Friday so we could be at the hospital for Lauren's delivery.

Lauren has been one of my VERY best friends longer than just about anyone in my life other than my sisters and I love her so so much. She possesses just about every exceptional quality that you could ask for in a friend and is a wonderful Mommy too! It was a real treat to get to be there for the birth of her 3rd baby. Shannon and I were giddy as we waiting for updates in the waiting room!!
Caroline and Charley, the respective big sister, and big brother were DARLING to watch and SO excited when they heard their new baby sister Ju-ya (as Charley calles her) was here.
Angie brought these cute little Julia cookies for everyone to enjoy. It is no wonder that my exceptional sister and my exceptional friend are now friends too.
Julia is a beauty because that is all Hank and Lauren know how to make - BEAUTIFUL babies.
What a privilege to get to hold that precious girl just minutes after she arrived. I can't wait to see her again soon, hopefully for a longer visit.


shannonmichaelis said...

yea, i get to see a photo thanks to other bloggers! how sweet that you drove up and surprised her - i love it! can't wait to meet that sweet baby!!!

angie said...

I love that Ju-ya too:-). Such a sweet post Caryn. I am so glad you were here for that sweet day. I hope you stay well!!!!

The Junods said...

thank you thank you thank you!!! great post. such a blessing to have you and shannon there. i know she loved it! lauren looks beautiful as to be expected! love the pics of the kids!

and we need to tell SM she'd be all up to speed if she was on facebook...

btw...like your hair...its long :)

Shannon said...

Loved being there with you that day! So glad we were able to ride down together! Thanks for sending me the pics. I snagged a couple for my post. Love you!

Miranda said...

Congratulations to miss Lauren. And can you tell me why she doesnt even look like she just went through labor and delivery? Who looks that good just after they have had a baby?